Tesla Autopilot predicts crash seconds before it happens

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of crash avoidance technology, just check out this new video taken from the dash cam of a Tesla. The crash warning was initiated before an accident took place, when it was nearly impossible for an ordinary person to determine that a crash would happen.

Be sure to watch with your sound on, and you can hear an audible warning prior to a bad crash which sends an SUV tumbling.

Advanced crash avoidance technologies are making the roads safer according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. The features most successful systems utilized by car manufacturers include forward collision avoidance systems (with autonomous braking) and adaptive headlights that aim as the car is steered.

Until more vehicles are outfitted with this new technology, we will have to wait for solid data regarding accident statistics, and who knows? Maybe it will take longer than we thought if fewer accidents are happening because of the technology.

A 2012 study conducted by the HLDI showed a reduction in front-to-rear end crashes in cars equipped with forward collision avoidance systems. At that time, mostly high-end luxury cars were equipped with this technology but it is becoming more widely available in some middle-of-the-road sedans and SUVs today.

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